Functional Formularies



Robin Gentry McGee founded Functional Formularies to provide enteral nutrition to people who can’t eat or drink safely. Functional Formularies originated in the quiet and beautiful countryside of Wilmington, Ohio. Robin has developed a vast knowledge of the food as a medicine model over the past several decades. It was only natural for her to use her experience and knowledge to help her father and herself when faced with life-threatening health issues. After experiencing positive results, she is more determined than ever to make it easier for others by taking the guesswork out of choosing healthy alternatives.

Don’t rely on enteral nutrition products that offer nutritional profiles that lack the right balance of nutrients or that incorporate ingredients that aren’t the best healthy options. Whether it’s for you or for a patient under your care, go with the best nutrition you can find with Functional Formularies’ certified organic enteral formulas. Real food for feeding tubes, Liquid Hope and Nourish are 100% organic, plant-based, feature no added sugar and come in BPA-free packaging.