Prevail diapers are designed for every single one of us, because LOBC (loss of bladder/bowel control) can affect anyone, at any stage of life. Our commitment to high-quality materials and thoughtful innovation has made us the leader in continence management in long-term care facilities across the United States.

Created for all body shapes and sizes and available for both men and women in order to accommodate their different biologies and anatomies, Prevail’s full product line includes not just pantiliners and adhesive pads for undergarments but also adult diapers and briefs, disposable washcloths, and bladder control pads available in a number of different absorbency capacities. With so many different incontinence solutions from which to choose, Prevail adult diapers and pads offer some of the widest selections anywhere, allowing you to fine-tune your incontinence protection for just the right amount of help you need. That’s what makes Prevail briefs, pads, and wipes such a popular choice for many incontinence patients and their caregivers!