4 Pieces of Urology Supplies that Can Make your Life Easier

4 Pieces of Urology Supplies that Can Make your Life Easier

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When you take care of an elderly loved one, you sometimes have to learn things about urology that you never realized you’d learn. Taking care of another human sometimes means dealing with incontinence, which can become messy and awkward both for you and for your loved one. With the right urology supplies, though, you can keep your care discreet, sanitary, and comfortable for your loved one. At LL Medico, we supply a lot of different types of urology equipment. Below we’ve highlighted four pieces of equipment that can make your life easier.

External Catheters

If neither you nor your loved one can get used to the idea of internal urinary catheters, then an external catheter may be an option in some cases. External catheters essentially perform the same function as internal catheters, allowing for better flow and drainage. Males, in particular, can make use of external catheters. A person can apply and remove this option fairly easily.

Urinary Drainage Bags

Many urine bags connect to the individual’s leg, allowing for greater mobility. A good urinary bag should have anti-kink tubing to prevent blockages. You should also look for bags that have even urine distribution, which makes these urology tools even more discreet. These bags come in different sizes depending on the need, and they’re designed for your loved one’s comfort as well as your own convenience.

Nighttime Urine Bags

For urinary bags that can be used for eight hours, look for a nighttime bag. These bags work similarly to the bags that strap to the leg, but they can hold more liquid and have an anti-leak technology that works specifically for overnight hours or other long periods of time.

Urine Leg Bag Holders

When you do use urology equipment during active hours, take care to consider the leg bag holders that secure the bags. If your loved one has a latex allergy, you can buy a latex-free option. Many leg bag holders are designed to maximize comfort and minimize skin irritation.

Urology with LL Medico

LL Medico carries all sorts of products that will make it easier for you to care for your loved one. This, of course, includes top-notch urology equipment. Your convenience and your loved one’s dignity are important to us, which is why we strive to carry only the best. If you need urology equipment to help you in caring for somebody that you love, check out our range of urology supplies today.

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