Trying a product before you commit to an entire package or case can help you find the perfect product and size for your needs.

Below are all the products we currently are offering in samples. Check back regularly for new products added!

Adult Diaper Samples (Tab Style Briefs)

Adult Pull Up Samples (Absorbent Underwear)

Abena Abri Form Level 4 (plastic backing) Abena Abri Flex Level 3
Abena Abri Form Level 4 (cloth backing) Attends Premier Underwear
Attends Extended Wear Briefs BetterDry Pull-On
Attends Premier Molicare Mobile 6D Underwear
BetterDry Original Prevail Underwear Maximum
BetterDry Day Prevail Underwear for Men
Beyond XP5000 Prevail Underwear for Women
Dry Care Confidry 24/7 Seni Active Super Plus Absorbent Underwear
Forsite AM:PM TENA ProSkin Overnight Super Underwear
Molicare Slip Maxi TENA ProSkin Underwear Plus
Molicare 6D TENA ProSkin Underwear for Men
Molicare 8D TENA ProSkin Underwear for Women
Molicare 10D TENA Womens SuperPlus Underwear
Prevail Air Overnight Tranquility Daytime Underwear
Prevail Air Plus Tranquility Overnight Underwear
Seni Super Plus Tranquility Essentials Underwear, Heavy
Seni Super Quatro Wellness Underwear
TENA Stretch Ultra  
TENA Stetch Super  
TENA Complete +Care  
Tranquility ATN  
Tranquility Essentials Briefs, Heavy  
Tranquility Smartcore  
Wellness Superio  

Bariatric Diaper Samples (3XL, 4XL, 5XL)

Swim Diaper Samples

Attends Bariatric Underwear, 3XL Tranquility Swimmates
Attends Bariatric Briefs  
Prevail Bariatric Adult Briefs  
TENA Stretch Super 3XL Briefs  
Tranquility 3XL Briefs  
Tranquility 3XL Hi-Rise Briefs  
Tranquility 4XL/5XL Briefs  

Wellness Absorbent Underwear, 3XL


Insert & Booster Pad Samples

Seni Man Active Guards  
Seni Man Fit Guards  
Tranquility Male Guards