Incontinence Pads: Boosters, Liners, and Everything In Between

Incontinence Pads: Boosters, Liners, and Everything In Between

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Added reassurance. Better sleep. Less laundry. Increased savings. And sometimes, simply a necessary extra. The advantages of booster pads and diaper liners, which serve as additional or regular protection against incontinence or general leakage, are sure to benefit users in more ways than one! Placed either inside a go-to adult diaper or inside regular undergarments, these products also come tailored to women and men. Explore LL Medico’s supply to discover various fits and absorbencies for any circumstance!

Booster Pads

Perhaps your or your loved one’s regular adult diaper does its job exactly as it should, or maybe the regular maintenance protocol isn’t quite enough. Either way, seeking peace of mind can weigh heavily on the conscience.  Booster pads, used in conjunction with (inside) adult diapers, provide that added mental and physical security. They absorb wetness before the diaper does, allowing fluid to reach the diaper only after the booster is saturated. Due to the efficiency in retaining leaks, booster pads are also particularly helpful for longer stretches of time between changes. Take nighttime for example: instead of being roused by wetness, these inserts heighten sleep quality. This, of course, means less laundering of apparel and bedding, making for a better sleep experience overall. Just as peace of mind and good rest bring comfort, so, too, do cost savings! A booster pad can be changed without needing to also change the host product. By calculating the individual cost of each diaper within a pack, users can expect to spend anywhere from 1-2 dollars per diaper whereas boosters come in as low as 40 cents each, saving countless dollars over time. Consider Abena Boost Booster Pads or Seni Booster Pads for heavy absorbency, Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads for lighter absorbency, or a mix depending on time of day and occasion.

Insert Pads

Similar in concept to booster pads, diaper liners or insert pads offer protection for users in search of lighter or more flexible protection, typically worn with the wearer’s own underwear but boasting many of the same benefits. If “light” or “discreet” fits the needs of you or your loved one, consider Tranquility Adult Liners. Additionally, Abena Abri-San Incontinence Pads and Prevail Pant Liners offer light options, and buyers can choose between multiple sizes for minimal to maximum protection. Pregnant women or postpartum mothers, each tending to the bodily changes that come with carrying and bearing a baby, would benefit, along with any individual wanting protection without a host product.

Gender Specific Pads

Finally, buyers can shop based on the different anatomical needs of women and men. While many of LL Medico’s  booster pads and diaper liners are unisex, we also specialize in products unique to body structure. Molicare Premium Lady Pads offer women very light to moderate options while Poise Original Incontinence Pads, Ultimate and TENA Serenity Ultimate Absorbency Pads both advertise maximum absorbency levels. For men who require or desire a cup-shaped product, TENA for Men Guards (light absorbency) and Depend Incontinence Guards for Men (very light absorbency) are great choices. Bringing slightly greater protection, Abena Man Formula 2 Insert Pads offer a moderate absorbent.

Just as no two bodies are the same, neither are no two needs, so visit  LL Medico today and find products sure to add reassurance to the life of you or the one you care for! If you need help choosing the right product for you, please call us at 855-422-4556, email us at [email protected], or chat with us and we'll be happy to help.

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