Coloplast products include catheters (external, foley, and intermittent), urine bags, and more. Coloplast Catheters are used by health care professionals for patients with urinary incontinence and others. All our catheters are pre lubricated and have a siliconized surface for smooth insertion to the patient.

The Coloplast catheter for men features a siliconized surface for smooth insertion, latex free construction to prevent skin irritation, and comes pre-lubricated for intermittent self catheterization or for catheterization by a health professional. The Coloplast self cath straight tip helps reduce impediments to urine flow, and the siliconized surface helps support sterile environments during insertion to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections or other complications associated with internal catheterization. 

Always remember to throw out your used catheter instead of washing and re-using them to reduce the chance of developing UTIs. Rely instead on a new, sterile catheter for each new insertion for best results. While self-insertion catheters are designed to be inserted without the aid of a medical professional, please be aware that all catheters, even self-insertion ones, require a prescription from a care provider.

Coloplast Products