Molicare diapers feature an extraordinary level of absorbency for adults that have incontinence problems. Molicare products offer wipes and other incontinence products.

Molicare has deep roots as a medical product company. Known as the Connecticut Bandage Company in the late 1940s only to be renamed the Conco Medical Company and then purchased by Hartmann Group AG. Becoming known as Hartmann USA, the company then expanded into providing adult incontinence products in 2008 -- the rest, as they say, is history, as Hartmann USA began selling Molicare products shortly thereafter to provide adults with incontinence the support and confidence they need.

While perhaps not one of the most well-known incontinence supply providers, MoliCare products are o f the highest quality and their star is rising. Good performance, well-wearing comfort, and product affordability are all mainstays of Molicare incontinence products. Whether you’re looking for adult diapers, briefs, liners, or pads, Molicare has lots to offer thanks to their reliability and ease of use.