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Adult Diapers: Tab Style Briefs and Pull Up Absorbent Underwear

Tab Style Briefs

Pull-On Style Underwear

Belted Undergarments

Adult Diapers Tab Style
Tab style briefs for light or heavy incontinence. You can be sure to feel secure using any one of our wide range of briefs with re-fastenable tabs.
Adult Diapers Pull On
Ease of use and comfort are essentials when it comes to your incontinence needs. Feel confident and comfortable with pull up disposable underwear.
Adult Diapers Belted
In between a pad and a diaper, belted undergarments offer light protection with a pad in the center and a "belt" that goes around the waist to hold it in place.

Shop by absorbency:

Light Absorbency

Moderate Absorbency

Light Absorbency Adult Diapers
Feel confident in your day to day activities with easy to use light absorbency briefs, pull-ons and belted undergarments.
Moderate Absorbency Adult Diapers
For everyday living and comfort these products will help you feel secure and comfortable in any type of situation.

Heavy Absorbency

Max/Overnight Absorbency

Heavy Absorbency Adult Diapers
For those times when you need a little extra absorbency during the day or longer than normal sittings.
Max/Overnight Absorbency Adult Diapers
Ensure you are getting the best night’s sleep that you can with our wide range of maximum absorbency briefs and diapers

Whether you are looking for adult diapers for heavy incontinence or light incontinence we are sure to have something to offer you. We make sure to provide our customers with top quality products at a low price. We offer many different styles of adult diapers such as tab style briefs, pull up disposable underwear and belted undergarments. It is very important to us that we have a wide variety of products for our customers to choose from. We offer all the top brands from Depends, TENA and Abena to Tranquility, Prevail and Wellness. Our mission is to provide the best for all customers and therefore we find it vital to have a wide range of quality products.

From heavy protection to daily living you will find the adult diapers you are looking for at LLMedico.com. We pride ourselves on having the knowledge and passion to help each customer with their important needs and giving them the best customer service experience out there. We understand how difficult living with urinary incontinence or fecal incontinence can be which is why we ensure to make your shopping as easy as possible. We provide additional information on each product page to make sure you are given as many resources as possible. We truly care about our customers and their needs and promise to always provide top brands of adult incontinence products at competitive prices with the best customer service in the industry.

How to choose the best diaper:

Choosing the best diaper for you or a loved one doesn't have to be difficult. The 3 main things you want to look for are style, absorbency, and size.


Most adult diapers come in either a tab style called an adult brief or pull up style called protective underwear (since they resemble normal underwear). Tab style briefs will generally be more absorbent and thicker than protective underwear. These work great for overnight use to contain the most leaks possible. Protective underwear is great for daytime use since they are slimmer and more discreet. There are exceptions to these rules but this is a good standard to go by. There are also belted undergarments which are for very light incontinence and are basically an absorbent pad with a "belt" attached to keep the pad in place without needing incontinence pants.


Adult briefs and protective underwear come in varying degrees of absorbency but generally briefs are made to be more absorbent than pull up absorbent underwear. However, briefs do come in a moderate absorbency all the way to maximum absorbency for night time use (or those with full bladder loss incontinence during the day). Likewise, there are also some brands of protective underwear that have high absorbency such as the Abena Abri-Flex Level 3 but generally pull ups have a light to moderate absorbency which are great for day time use.


Always make sure to measure yourself (or your loved one) before purchasing any adult diaper. You want the diaper to be snug around the legs and waist but not too tight to where it's cutting off circulation. A snug fit will help with leaks. Every manufacturer has different sizing so a medium from Abena might not be the same as a medium from Depends. Always make sure you check the sizing numbers next to the size name before choosing the size you want to order.

As always, if you need any help with choosing the correct diaper for you or a loved one, please contact us via phone (855) 422-4556, email sales@llmedico.com, or use our live chat. We are always willing and happy to help!

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