ProtechDry Women's Incontinence Panty


Women's reusable waterproof incontinence panties with a built in waterproof absorbent shield in the crotch area.


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ProtechDry® women's panties are an absorbent, incontinence panty made of a patented multifunctional fabric with a large capacity for absorption. Its use is similar to that of a piece of underwear.It is especially recommended for occurrences of light urinary incontinence (urine losses of up to 40ml/day).

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Measuring Instructions

Take into careful consideration the choice for the appropriate size of your underwear. To choose the correct size, use the size of the underwear normally worn as a reference.


95% cotton + 5% elastane (except in absorbing area)

Care Instructions

ProtechDry should be worn with the same care as any other underwear item and may also be machine washed using cycles of up to 60 degrees.

DO NOT use bleach.

The absorbent area of ProtechDry should never be ironed.

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