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Seni Super Quatro Adult Briefs


Absorbency Level
5 drops - Maximum Absorbency

• Made from soft, yet durable materials.

• Vapor permeable backsheet helps the skin to breathe easily.

• Their standing gathers together with leg cuffs protect better from side leaks.

• Elastics in the waist and closing tabs provide better fit.

• Double wetness indicator helps to determine when it is time to change.

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Product Information

Super Seni Quatro’s are a breathable all in one diaper that are perfect for individuals with a heavy level of incontinence.  These Super Seni Quatro’s have a vapor permeable backsheet to keep your body dryer for longer.  They offer quick and reliable absorbency, so you feel confident while wearing them.

Super Seni Quatro Adult Briefs have a double wetness indicator, so you know when it’s time to change the product.  They are good for those who have limited mobility as well as for someone who is active.  They are great for not only urinary incontinence, but they will be an effective product for bowel incontinence as well.

how to put the product on

Fixing the product on the body while standing – by oneself or with the help of the carer


Fixing the product on a lying person


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