Tranquility TopLiner Booster Contour Pads


Absorbency Level
2 drops - Light Absorbency

TopLiner™ Booster Contours, can be used in conjunction with any disposable undergarment, brief or adult diaper. Featuring a flow-through design, this diaper booster pad will fill to capacity and then allow any additional liquid to pass through to the disposable undergarment below. A wider, hourglass shape gives the Contour extra absorption capacity to help contain bowel incontinence and reduce leakage and wetting of linen and clothing.

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Product Information

TopLiner™ Booster Contours are an economical way to extend the use of any of Tranquility’s disposable undergarments or adult diapers. Diaper booster pads fit easily inside of an adult diaper and allow for quick and easy cleanup. These Contours will improve comfort, confidence, and overall wearability of many of Tranquility’s products.

TopLiner™ Booster Contours are placed over the core of any disposable undergarment or adult diaper. As a diaper booster pad, they are designed to extend the wear of the original undergarment and may be used to reduce nighttime changes and improve sleep patterns as well as minimizing caregiver strain. The wider design and larger absorbent area can help make changes less frequent while extending the life of the host adult diaper. A soft texture provides a comfortable fit and makes cleanup easier

The TopLiner™ Booster Contours come in two sizes: Booster Contour and Super-Plus Booster Contour. The Booster Contour can absorb 13.6 oz. of liquid before pass-through while the Super-Plus can absorb 27.5 oz. The Super-Plus Booster Contour best fits 2XL-4XL briefs.

TopLiner™ Booster Pads feature Tranquility’s patented Peach Mat Construction, a unique blend of fast-acting and extra-absorbent polymers that can handle even the heaviest incontinence episodes. The Peach Mat Construction will keep the skin dry, prevent the damaging effects of moisture while reducing odor and neutralizing urine ph.

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