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Abena Abri-Let Normal Insert Pads


Absorbency Level
3 drops - Moderate Absorbency

• 500 mL Absorbency level.

• 5.5" x 15"

• Full breathability.

• Multipurpose pad for broad usage, depending on local nurse traditions.

• Nordic Eco-label.

• Latex-free.

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Product Information

Abri-Let is an absorbing rectangular pad with a soft core and ultra thin core. It is a multipurpose pad used as maternity pad, booster, absorbing pad for wound care or light incontinence pad. We recommend Abri-Let products to be fixated with our Abri-Fix fitting range. It has a foil-free polypropylene back sheet and therefore is fully breathable. It can be used as a booster to reach extra absorption used together with other incontinence products.  It can also be used as a maternity pad or an absorbing pad in case of wound care.

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