Kate Farms

Kate Farms was founded on the belief that good nutrition leads to good health, and good health opens the door to endless possibilities. Kate Farms is and always will be simply ALL GOOD THINGS.

Appropriate for oral and tube feeding, Kate Farms is loaded with core essentials and formulated to minimize the effects of the most common allergens. Kate Farms Komplete features organic plant based meal replacement shake options made with organic pea protein and packed with essential vitamins. Its plant based formula, made from ingredients sourced from 29 superfoods, is appropriate as ready to use oral or with tube feeding formulas. With various flavors and formulas made without the use of dairy, soy, gluten, corn, nuts, artificial sweeteners or additives in terms of ingredients, Kate Farms provides nourishment that not only supports your nutritional needs but makes you feel good as well. We all deserve good things, and that’s where Kate Farms delivers.