The Best Incontinence Pads - Insert Pads, Women's Panty liners, Men's Guards, and Booster Pads

The Best Incontinence Pads - Insert Pads, Women's Panty liners, Men's Guards, and Booster Pads

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The Best Pads for Incontinence

A lot is said about old age and growing old. For the most part, people associate advanced age with wisdom, maturity and experience. In reality, growing and being old is not always a bed of roses.

As quoted by Zidrou and Aimee de Jongh, “The body gives up faster than the soul. Time wrinkles it, wounds it, debases it. Varicose veins, menopause… Time makes it a caricature… The body plays along, a good sport. The soul, though, is a sore loser. It needs more time to blow out the candles. It only concedes in fits and starts… through painful revelations… through a series of frights.”

What they neglected to mention is that, sometimes, with age comes incontinence. This is a very unpleasant affliction that affects around one in every eight people globally. Its effects can range from a minor annoyance to a socially debilitating condition.

Fortunately, incontinence pads, or adult diapers, have improved so much in the last decade or so, that everyone can find a lasting solution to the problem. When deciding on which pad is the best, absorbency is one of the most important considerations. However, it’s not the only one. The pad must also keep the skin dry, neutralize the urine’s acidity, and prevent odors. Lastly, it must fit comfortably and discreetly.

Here are the five best incontinence pads in each category.

The 5 best high absorbency unisex insert pads

  1. Abena Abri-San Incontinence Pads
    The Abena Abri-San pad comes in a range of sizes ranging from light absorbency to extremely heavy. Fluid retention capacity ranges from 7 oz/200 ml to a massive 115 oz/ 3,400 ml. The unique Top Dry system and cotton-feel breathable outer fabric ensure a comfortable fit and a dry, healthy skin.

  2. Tranquility Personal Care Pads
    The Tranquility pad features a soft peach core and embossed channels to lock in liquid and keep the skin dry. Soft elastic trim pull the pad into a cup shape and adhesive strips secure it comfortably inside regular underwear. Available in three sizes, this pad will fit most users.

  3. Seni Shaped Pads Night
    The Seni night pad is a high absorbency pad that is ideal for prolonged or overnight use. Designed to fit like briefs, the pads do not have side wings that cling to the hips. The increased freedom of movement makes these pads equally well suited to active people as well as to those that are immobilized.

  4. Attends Extended Wear Pad
    As the name suggests, this Attends pad is designed to be worn for long periods or overnight. The Dry-Lock Containment Core from EAM improves absorbency and capacity and, coupled with Derma Dry’s super soft, breathable outer fabric, the pads are comfortable, discreet and leak-free.

  5. Prevail Pant Liners
    Prevail pant liners are available in three sizes and absorbency levels. They are suitable for light to heavy leakage protection and can be used overnight. The contoured shape ensures a snug, leak-free fit. With Quick Wick rapid absorption and a cloth-like outer fabric, the Prevail pant liner is comfortable and skin friendly.

The 5 best men’s guards and shields

  1. Abena Man Formula 2 Insert Pads
    Specially shaped for the male anatomy, the Abena Formula 2 fits discreetly allowing an active lifestyle. A double Top Dry layer in the front of the pad keeps the surface dry and, with the soft, breathable Air Plus backing layer, the skin is protected from chafing and acidity.

  2. Tranquility Male Guards
    The Tranquility Male Guard, with a liquid capacity of 9.5 oz/280 ml, is a light absorbency pad designed to be worn discreetly inside regular underwear. Featuring the Peach Mat guarantee, the pad keeps the skin dry, neutralizes the urine, prevents odors and reduces the risk of bacterial infection.

  3. Seni Man Active Guards
    For light to moderate incontinence, the Seni Man Active Guard offers optimum leak-free protection. The Extra Dry System (EDS) layer locks the liquid in ensuring that the skin stays dry. The sides are gathered to create a better fit and prevent common side leakages.

  4. Depend Incontinence Shields for Men
    The Depend pad is a one size fits all pad with very light absorbency. The pad is best suited for people who suffer from drips and dribble caused by a leaking bladder. The Depend pad is ultra-thin but highly absorbent and, with its strong adhesive tabs, fits firmly inside close-fitting underwear.

  5. Tena for Men, Guards
    Tena guards are designed specifically for men. Its cup shape and soft surface fits comfortably in brief-style underwear. The pad follows the body’s movements and fits securely even for active men. The ultra-absorbent Dry-Fast Core locks liquid in and prevents leaks while the skin stays dry.

The 5 best women’s panty liners

  1. MoliCare Premium Lady Pads
    MoliCare Premium Lady Pads offer protection for very light to moderate incontinence. They are anatomically shaped to fit discreetly. The pad has triple skin protection features; an efficient absorption core, skin friendly pH level of 5.5 and a top sheet treated with Aloe Vera.

  2. Poise Overnight Incontinence Pads
    With one of the highest absorbency levels in the market, the Poise Overnight pad is especially designed or overnight use. The SleepSecure shape has an extra wide back for better coverage and leak prevention when lying down.

  3. Seni Lady Ultimate Pads - Long
    The Seni Lady Ultimate Pad is for light to moderate incontinence. The Extra Dry System (EDS) layer distributes liquid quickly and, with the soft breathable outer layer, ensures that the skin stays healthy. The gathered sides provide better protection against side leakages.

  4. Tena Intimates Overnight Absorbency Pads
    The super-absorbent core of Tena Intimates Overnight Incontinence pads is perfect for overnight use. The wide back provides extra protection against continuous heavy bladder leaking, whether upright or reclining. With rapid absorption and breathable materials, this pad provides total skin protection.

  5. Abena Light Maxi Bladder Control Pads 4A
    Featuring Abena’s proprietary Top Dry System and Air Plus fully breathable outer layer, the Maxi pad is optimally skin friendly. With a capacity of 34 oz/1,000 ml, the 4A pad has a moderate absorbency level. An additional odor control system prevents unpleasant smells from escaping.

The 5 best booster pads

Booster pads are unisex and designed to augment the absorbency of adult diapers. They are used solely in conjunction with an adult diaper.

  1. Abena Boost Booster Pads
    Abena Boost is a new, improved version of the previously named Abena Abri Let Maxi. With a capacity of 43.9 oz/1,300 ml, this pad significantly increases the time between diaper changes and is ideal for long periods of use during the day or for overnight use.

  2. Seni Booster Pads
    Seni booster pads are perfect for use together with adult diapers in order to extend the time between changes. They can also serve as a lining for an adult diaper in cases of bowel incontinence. In this application, the soiled booster can be replaced while leaving the clean adult diaper in place for further use.

  3. Tranquility Topliner Booster Pads
    Tranquility Topliner Booster Pads come in three sizes with capacity ranging from 5.7 oz/170 ml to 14.2 oz/420 ml. The pad has a flow-through design. This means that the booster will fill up to capacity and then any further liquid will pass through to the diaper. This extends the use of the adult diaper in a very economical manner.

  4. Attends Booster Pads
    The Attends Booster Pad is made from soft, breathable material and a full-length adhesive strip will hold it firmly inside any adult diaper. With an ultra slim design, the Attends Booster wears comfortably and an odor shield keeps bad smell at bay.

  5. Dignity Super Duty Self-Adhesive Pads
    With super absorbent polymers and built-in odor control, the Dignity Super Duty pad discreetly and comfortably supplements the absorbency of adult diapers. Self-adhesive strips hold the booster pad securely in place for the best protection. 

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