Plastic Pants for Adults and Children

Plastic Pants for Adults

Our high quality, American-made, plastic pants manufactured by Gary® are the perfect solution when used over adult cloth diapers or disposable adult diapers. There is no better incontinence protection than these waterproof vinyl pants. With their generous volume, they can be worn over disposable diapers or cloth diapers to contain any leaks or moisture, especially for incontinence sufferers with heavy night-time bed wetting.

Our durable and soft waterproof plastic pants are made for adults, as well as older children, with waterproof side seams that are heat welded for strength and hygiene (cheaper, thread sewn side seams will not hold up to tearing and can rip prematurely and leak). You can choose from various medical-grade, non-toxic vinyls to ensure your needs are met with an exceptional fit, giving you excellent comfort and leak protection. With the proper care, these pants will stand up to daily wear and hundreds of washing's. All proudly made in the USA by Gary®.