SoSecure Incontinence Containment Swim Diaper


• Designed for both men and women (unisex).

• High tech stretch polyurethane fabric with soft fleece lining.

• Elastic waist & legs for added security.

• Velcro closures which offer fully adjustable sizing that opens up flat, for ease in dressing.

• Reusable and machine washable (hang to dry, do not machine dry).

LL Medico Made in Canada

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Product Information

The SOSecure Containment Swim Brief is designed for adults and teens dealing with incontinence. This product was reviewed by the National Foundation for Continence and selected for their Resource Guide. This unique incontinence swim garment is recommended by Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and caregivers all over the world.

The garment is designed to be worn next-to-skin under a swim suit.  It is intended  for bowel containment, however it will protect a certain amount against urinary leakage.  It's difficult to determine just how long because each person has different needs.  Our tests showed it would easily contain several cups of water, but if you are uncertain as to how long it will contain urine,  please try it at home first. It is important to purchase the right size, and keep it as snug as possible using the adjustable closures.   

Although it was made specifically for swimming, many customers tell us it makes a great cover for disposable or cloth diapers.

The SoSecure Swim Briefs are Unisex. Please order by waist or hip, whichever is larger. For example, if a person has a 34” waist and a 38” hip, they should order the XL which has a range of 37” - 40” even if the waist is much smaller than 37”. If your measurements are at the higher end of a size range, don’t assume you should go to a larger size. These garments are very adjustable and stretchy, and should fit very snug. 

How To Put The Garment On

Fasten one side of the containment swim brief, leave the other open. Pull the garment over one leg, fasten the opened side around your hips then adjust the other side in order to ensure a proper fit.

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Measuring Instructions

To Measure Rise, begin about 1 inch below the belly button, measure down through legs, and up to the position on the back that matches the starting position on the front.  Then, based on the larger of waist/hip measurement, choose the style that comes closest to your own rise measurement.  If you have any questions, call or email us.

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