Gary Pull-On Euroflex Urethane Bloomer

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Soft and comfortable with these adult incontinence waterproof Euroflex™ bloomers.

LL Medico Made in USA

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Product Information

Our comfortable and waterproof Euroflex™ bloomers made from soft urethane, are designed to fit over and cover the thickest of adult cloth diapers as well as disposable adult diapers which occasionally can leak. This is a great help for the incontinence sufferer for night-time protection against heavy urinary leakage and is especially secure when sleeping on your side. Due to having longer legs than regular plastic pants, it helps to prevent leaks at the stretchable leg bands. Fully heat-welded, impervious side seams on our Euroflex™ bloomers ensure excellent night time leak protection.

For more information on the look and feel of our various materials, please visit our color swatches page.

Please be aware that these pants can be slightly noisy.

Size Chart

(unstretched to max. stretched)
(unstretched to max. stretched)
Small22" to 40"13" to 19"18"22"
Medium24" to 44"15" to 21"19"24"
Large26" to 48"15" to 23"20"26"
X-Large28" to 52"17" to 25"22"28"
2X-Large30" to 56"17" to 27"24"30"
3X-Large32" to 60"19" to 29"25"32"
4X-Large34" to 64"19" to 33"29"34"

Care Instructions

You can prevent your plastic pants from aging prematurely if you rinse or wash the plastic pants after each use. Urine and Fecal matters has strong acids which will harden the plastic, and so will products containing petroleum. The, plastic vinyl should have minimum contact with your body's natural oil and sweat as well as care products such as lotions, oils, creams, ointments, and skin sprays which will also harden plastic. Never use chlorine bleach or fabric softeners to remove stains. Rather, insert pant into warm water with a mild detergent. Never put in dryer as this may cause the plastic material to melt. Instead, hang the pant to dry. Keep out of direct sunlight if possible.

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