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Heavy duty, commercial grade, waterproof, bed bug proof, and allergen proof pillow covers. Yet still very soft and comfortable.

LL Medico Made in USA

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Enclosing of any pillow is recommended by leading allergists as the best way to control exposure to dust mites and other bedroom allergens. Such as, mildew, bacteria, molds, saliva and yeast, that occur and increase naturally inside your pillows. The accumulation of these unwanted guests can make existing allergies worse and contribute to a restless sleep. And can cause wheezing, itching, other allergic reactions, and possibly asthma. Therefore, you need a barrier that will keep you and the pillow free of mites and allergens. Bring your oven pillow cover when staying in hotels. Gary® pillow covers manufactured from impervious, medical grade vinyl plastic are of industrial strength is meant for this purpose. These zippered pillow covers are odorless, waterproof, soft and durable. Known for their quality industrial strength, Gary® vinyl plastic pillow covers are largely sold to hospitals, retirement homes, summer camps, hotels as well as to the military. Because they are zippered, these pillow covers will protect from spills, stains, bedwetting and allergies. The covers are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

For more information on the look and feel of our various vinyls, please visit our color swatches page.

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21" x 27"
21" x 30"
21" x 36"

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