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MoliCare Mobile Pull-Up Underwear, Extra


Absorbency Level
4 drops - Heavy Absorbency

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Product Information

• Proprietary Curly Fiber reduces pH to the skin-friendly range of 4.5 to 5.5.

• Soft plus Air refers to our soft, cloth-like elasticized waistband, which is breathable, comfortable and helps keep skin dry.

• Dermatologically tested materials minimize the risk for allergic reactions.

• Inner cuff system helps maximize leakage protection.

• Superabsorbent polymer reduces ammonia formation and neutralizes unpleasant odor.

• Graduated wetness indicator allows less intrusive checks to determine if void is present.

• Stretchable elasticized waistband ensure ideal fit, provides front and back identification and tears open for easy removal.

• The 3-layer absorbent core guides fluids quickly into its center locking in both urine and odors.

• Made in Germany.

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