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Trio Silken Silicone Ostomy Stoma Gel

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Trio Ostomy USA ZXTR1070

Innovative use of silicone technology to produce a soft silicone stoma gel that fills surgical scars, skin folds, creases and uneven surfaces, removing in one piece when fully cured. Allows the skin to breathe and remains soft and flexible to ensure comfort.

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Product Information

Stoma gel is a replacement for your stoma paste- except with SIMPLE, PAINLESS REMOVAL and NO RESIDUE!

Trio Silken® is the only silicone gel available for ostomy, and is used to fill skin folds, creases and uneven areas around the peristomal skin so output cannot channel under your flange.

It will not absorb body waste or breakdown into a messy goo. Trio Silken® cures into a single piece of silicone that is soft, flexible that removes in one piece.

Trio Silken® does not contain alcohol and so does not sting on application. It is an advanced skin protection gel that prevents output leakage and skin excoriation while providing a supremely comfortable experience.

Why use Trio Silken® gel instead of a stoma paste?

• There is no alcohol and so NO STING!

• It is painless, simple and quick to remove in 1 piece with NO RESIDUE!

• No need to wait until it hardens. Attach pouch immediately.

• Will not erode or dissolve, so extends wear time.

• Is significantly more hygienic because it does not absorb stoma output.

• Creates a smooth surface for easy pouch adhesion.

• Will not sting on application.

• More hygienic than traditional hydrocolloid products, does not absorb faeces or urine.

• Remains soft and flexible to ensure comfort.

• Allows the skin to breathe.

• One piece remover leaves no residue.

• Atraumatic removal, less skin irritation.
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