Crinklz Printed Adult Diapers w/ Plastic Backing


Absorbency Level
5 drops - Maximum Absorbency

• Plastic / poly backing with the Crinklz and friends print.

• Extra thick and extra absorbent (up to 180 oz's!)

• Big, refastenable tape tabs.

• Elastic waistbands in the front and in the back.

• Extra high standing leg cuffs (2.16 in) to accommodate diaper doublers.

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Product Information

Crinklz diapers feature the super cute Crinklz and friends print on the outer plastic cover.  They are a very absorbent and thirsty diaper! These are wonderful for night time use and are also a great fit to wear during the day.  The Crinklz diapers hold between 154 oz to 180 oz of liquid!

Crinklz diapers have big refastenable tape tabs, elastic waistbands in the front and back and have extra high standing leg cuffs.  These provide comfort while still giving you a ton of protection.  They also have a wetness indicator and odor protection to make this a wonderful diaper that can serve many incontinence levels.

Additional features:

• Wetness indicator.

• Odor protection.

• Latex free.

• Made in the EU.

• AB/DL friendly adult diapers.

Crinklz & Friends



Crinklz is always full of fun ideas and mischief. He may waddle and toddle along, but not much can slow him down. Blowing bubbles and watching them fly is one of his favorite activities. Where Crinklz goes, trouble is sure to follow!



Leah loves action and is a fireball of energy. She has a gift for sports and is always ready for a game of catch or kickball with her friends. Soccer is her most favorite activity ever!



Felix is the dreamer of the group. He often passes the day lost in one daydream or another.  He is easily distracted by clouds in the sky or bugs in the grass. He will often dawdle behind his friends because something has caught his attention.



Max is a budding adventurer who loves to explore. His ability to scamper up into tree tops with ease gives him a great vantage point for spotting adventures. Crinklz is his best buddy, which usually means mischief meets adventure when the two wander off together.



Theodore is the thinker of the group. He is often the voice of reason, which causes the others to groan and roll their eyes. He likes classical music and is an ace in maths – needless to say he has the best grades too!



Alma is the guardian of the group. She is fiercely protective of her band of misfits and keeps a close eye on them. Her soft feathers and long wingspan make for great cuddling, but don’t let her friendly face fool you, she has no problem keeping this lot in line!

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