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Absorbency Level
4 drops - Heavy Absorbency

New Prevail Air™ helps decrease skin's contact with moisture. Heat & humidity evaporate right through the fully breathable AirMax™ layer, while the Doublesorb™ Layers' exclusive dual core technology locks in wetness like nothing else. What does that mean? Skin feels drier with less risk of irritation and discomfort.

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Prevail® Microclimate Care™ is Prevail’s system of creating a favorable microclimate by incorporating performance features that help maintain normal skin temperature and moisture at the skin surface. Prevail’s Microclimate Care™ Performance Features include:

1. 100% breathability
2. AirMax™ Layer – Specially formulated breathable material traps wetness inside the pad but allows air, heat, and humidity to escape.
3. Doublesorb™ Layers – Soft dual core system that helps lock up moisture

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