Ambitex Latex High-Risk Exam Gloves

Ambitex Latex High-Risk Exam Gloves View larger

• Durability and flexibility provide a natural fit.

• Effective combination of durability, elasticity, flexibility and comfort.

• Long lasting support and total comfort.

• Made from the highest quality pure rubber latex.

• Manufactured to meet the slice test quality standards.

• Meets and exceeds ASTM and FDA standards.

• Powder Free.

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Product Information

Designed for short-term use, vinyl gloves offer a cost-effective alternative to latex while providing an effective temporary barrier against biological contaminants. Available in both exam and multipurpose grades, it is an ideal choice for applications demanding frequent changes. Derived from synthetic PVC resins, disposable vinyl gloves do not pose the same allergy risk as natural rubber alternatives, making them an attractive option to companies concerned about exposure to customers and employees.

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