Organyc Organic Cotton Tampons, Super Flow


  • 100% pure organic cotton absorbent core. Viscose free, Hypoallergenic and Biodegradable.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Cardboard applicator with soft rounded tip. For an easier insertion.
  • Security veil. It guarantees maximum absorption without loosing fibers integrity.
  • Sewed extractor cord. Maximum security.

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Product Information

Organyc is ideal for women who want to avoid any contact with synthetic materials on the skin and feel fresh, safe and clean, while choosing a hypoallergenic product without any negative effect on the environment. Over 80% of women who react to contact with plastic and synthetic materials have reported that they prefer Cotton. You will feel the benefits of cotton within the first month of use.

The Right Tampon For Sensitive Skin

It is estimated 60% of women believe they suffer from sensitive skin and many do, indeed, experience itching and irritation. Fortunately, recent clinical studies involving gynecologists and patients have shown pure cotton feminine care solves skin irritation with a 90% success rate in the first month of use. Cotton is soft, gentle and naturally breathable. Skin does not react with cotton. Which is why Organ(y)c is hypoallergenic. And cotton products are prescribed for patients with allergies by many specialists.

The Advantages of Organ(y)c Brand

100% Pure Cotton

You can feel secure knowing the entire line of Organ(y)c brand digital tampons is made with 100% pure organic cotton. It’s surprising to discover most other nationally advertised brands of digital tampons are made of synthetics, like rayon and cellulose (wood pulp). The good news is, because they are 100% organic cotton, Organ(y)c digital tampons are skin pH compatible, so they are an excellent solution for women with sensitive skin to help avoid allergic reaction and skin irritation. They are even clinically and dermatologically tested as an effective way of avoiding skin irritation. While most nationally advertised brands are bleached in chlorine, Organ(y)c tampons are bleached instead in peroxide, a naturally occurring disinfectant. Since Organ(y)c digital tampons are made entirely of soft, comfortable organic cotton, everything that touches you is, of course, also organic cotton. And Organ(y)c brand 100% organic cotton digital tampons are breathable, biodegradable, perfume-free and plastic-free.

Expressly Designed And Created For Comfort

Pure cotton itself is one of the softest, most comfortable materials in the world. Organ(y)c brand digital tampons go much further than pure cotton to make themselves feel natural to use. For example, the soft, rounded tip of each Organ(y)c digital tampon is designed for gentle, easy insertion. And since they are all cotton, Organ(y)c digital tampons offer the security of maximum absorption. It is comforting and reassuring to know that, according to Cotton, Inc., cotton is able to absorb 24 times its weight in liquid. For added security, each Organ(y)c brand digital tampon is individually wrapped for maximum hygiene.

A Deep Commitment to 'Green'

Every part of every Organ(y)c brand tampon is created for the lowest environmental impact. Everything from the product itself, to the box, is biodegradable, meaning it can be broken down into simpler substances. Organ(y)c tampons themselves are biodegradable, organic cotton. And the box is made of biodegradable, recycled cardboard. Even the wrapping for each tampon is biodegradable paper. The company’s commitment to a 'greener' world wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Advantages of Cotton

Cotton is nature’s most absorbent natural textile, holding as much as 24 times its weight in liquid. You can feel secure it will protect against leaks. Rather than itchy, cotton created the standard for softness, and sets the bar for other fabrics to equal its softness. While synthetics can make you sweat, cotton is breathable. It is not man-made, created in a test tube or a kind of plastic. Cotton is nature’s gift.

Not just Organic, Certified Organic

There is no specific organic standard for feminine care, so, Organ(y)c has been assimilated into the organic textile products category. Organ(y)c products have been certified by the Soil Association, the UK’s leading organic organization, promoting sustainable food and farming through local, seasonal and organic systems. Organ(y)c is also certified by the ICEA, Italy, the Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute, which inspects and certifies firms respectful of the environment, workers' dignity and collective rights.

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