Netti One Leg Pant Urine Bag Holder


A unique non-slip urine collection bag holder from Netti®.

LL Medico Made in Denmark

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Product Information for Netti One Leg Pant Urine Bag Holder

Our unique One Leg Pants are an incontinence device, designed for both ladies and gentlemen using urinary condoms or internal catheters. It is by far the most secure and discrete way to hold a urinary plastic drainage bag securely in place, making work and life easier. In comparison, the conventional urinary drainage bag is commonly painfully strapped to a patient's leg above the knee, so that urine will flow into the bag under the influence of gravity. For the incontinence sufferer, such an arrangement is often inconvenient and uncomfortable, because when the bag gets heavy while filling with urine, there is a tendency for slippage which could cause the condom or catheter to disconnect. This does not happen with our One Leg Pants which are designed so that they can be placed around either right or left leg.

This incontinence product is designed with a large pocket for the plastic urine accumulation bag preventing contact between the plastic leg bag and the skin and allowing air to circulate and the skin to breathe freely helping to prevent breakdown of the skin. Wide buttonhole flat enclosed rubber elastic at the waistband gives you ample length adjustment of the support straps (there is a wide very stretchable flat rubber band at lower leg, but with exceptionally heavy legs, it is advised to go with a larger size). This helps preserve total freedom of movement while holding the plastic leg bag securely in place, eliminating need for support straps that can cause irritation to your skin and blisters.

This incontinence product is manufactured from 100% pure organic cotton fabric. Netti® One Leg Pants are designed with a pocket measuring 11 inches (27.9 cm) in height and 6 inches (15.2 cm) in width, unstretched, to accommodate 2 liter (about 2.11 quarts) urine drainage bags. All sizes of this product have the same pocket size. Depending on how much liquid you consume, you can expect up to eight (8) hours between urine draining.

We do not sell the plastic urine bags, but our product will accommodate most any make and designs of urine bags sold in any drugstore.

Size Chart for Netti One Leg Pant Urine Bag Holder

(unstretched - max. stretched)
(unstretched - max. stretched)
(waist to bottom of leg bag)
Small26" to 30"14" to 18"17"
Medium30" to 34"15" to 19"20"
Large34" to 38"16" to 20"23"
X-Large38" to 42"17" to 21"24"
All sizes of leg bag holders are designed to accommodate up to 2 liter (about 2.11 quarts) urine bags. (Pocket Size is 6" wide by 11" long). 

Materials for Netti One Leg Pant Urine Bag Holder

  • Pant material: 100% cotton
  • Sewing thread: 100% polyester
  • Elastic: polyester, lycra, cotton blend
  • Buttons: plastic

Care Instructions for Netti One Leg Pant Urine Bag Holder

It is best to wash your cotton one leg stockings in hot water for hygienic reasons, on the gentle cycle, but do not use bleach and fabric softener. Tumble dry at low temperatures or air-dry on a clothes line (this will preserve elastic bands). Taking care of your one leg stocking will add years of use.

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