Prevail Extra Absorbency Belted Shields


Absorbency Level
2 drops - Light Absorbency

• One size fits all.

• A disposable pad with reinforced button holes and reusable straps. Stays securely in place even with vigorous movements.

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Product Information

Prevail® Belted Shields provide a comfortable fit and feature a Target Acquisition Zone and the Blue Stay-Dry Layer that wicks and locks liquid away providing superior protection and skin dryness for wearers that are typically on the go. The elastic straps are reusable and the reinforced button holes assure a snug, comfortable fit to prevent leakage. One size fits all.

• Soft, Breathable Fabric.


• Reinforced Button Holes.

• One Size Fits Most.

UnisexCloth-Like Outer Fabric

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