Abena Abri-San Incontinence Pads


Absorbency Level

1 drop - Very Light Absorbency
Very Light


5 drops - Maximum/Overnight Absorbency

(Depends on size #)

• Cotton-feel fully breathable textile back sheet.

• Unique Top Dry system providing a dry surface.

• Latex-free and non-chlorine bleached.

• Sizes 1 to 4 have adhesive strip. Sizes 7 & up do not.

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Product Information

Unisex shaped incontinence pads available in a wide variety of absorbencies to suit all needs.  The soft breathable backsheet offers greater comfort for the wearer, promoting skin integrity.  The advanced double 3 layer absorbent core ensures that the skin is kept dry while leakage barriers ensure maximum protection and lock any fluid inside the pad.  Abri-San Premium 1 to 4 feature an adhesive strip which enables the pad to be secured in close fitting underwear.  Wetness indicators are featured on our Abri-San Premium 5 upwards.  This can help you to identify when the product needs changing when dealing with urinary incontinence.  These pads should be worn with fixation incontinence pants which fully support the pad and help prevent leakage.  These products are also latex free. 

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