Tranquility 4XL Air-Plus Disposable Bariatric Briefs


• Breathable and stretchy soft side panels to fit comfortably.
• Each portion allows air to circulate next to the skin.
• TQ-A/P antimicrobial and anti-fungal protection controls the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause odor and other negative effects.
• Fuller, higher coverage in the front and rear assures a better fit.
• Micro-hook closure tabs enable repositioning and multiple openings while maintaining a secure, fastened fit.

Absorbency Level

3 drops - Moderate Absorbency

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Product Information for Tranquility 4XL Air-Plus Disposable Bariatric Briefs

For wearer comfort, the Tranquility AIR-PLUS Disposable Bariatric Briefs are 100% breathable for maximum air circulation. Designed with a cloth-like outer layer, these disposable briefs have microscopic pores that allow for more air flow and heat release, keeping skin cool and dry. Comfortable, non-irritated skin helps increase the user’s mobility and enhance self esteem. The high absorbency rate can hold over a quart of liquid, and the unique Kufguards inner leg cuffs channel liquid to the center of the diaper, helping to contain high volume episodes and bowel incontinence.

These bariatric diapers have ultra-breathable, stretchy side panels that expand to fit waist sizes from 70 to 106 inches. Convenient micro-hook and loop closure tabs make it easy to put on, take off and adjust as needed. Designed with convenience in mind, these diapers for adults come with wetness indicators, so caregivers know when a change is required at a glance.

Size Chart for Tranquility 4XL Air-Plus Disposable Bariatric Briefs

4X-Large70" to 106"34 oz (1000 ml)

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