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Abena Abri Form Level 4 Adult Diapers


Absorbency Level
5 drops - Maximum Absorbency

• Non-woven side panels made from soft and breathable material, which provide a high level of security and holds the pad in place.

• Flexible tapes ensures the best combination of comfort and security, even during physical activities.

• Ultimate leakage protection with barriers extended right to the edge, and built-in cross barrier at the rear.


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Product Information

Abena Abri-Form

abena abri-form

air plus fully breathable backsheet Fully Breathable Backsheet
Super Absorbent Core Super Absorbent Core
Top Dry Acquisition Layer Top Dry Acquisition Layer
Leakage Barriers Leakage Barriers
Odor System Odor System
Wetness Indicator Wetness Indicator
Those seeking the highest levels of security and protection. Those seeking the highest levels of security and protection.Abena Abri-Form Package
Sudden urgency and full bladder voids. Sudden urgency and full bladder voids.
Appropriate for daytime and nighttime use. Appropriate for daytime and nighttime use.
Those experiencing mobility and/or dexterity issues. Those experiencing mobility and/or dexterity issues.
Those suffering from fecal incontinence. Those suffering from fecal incontinence.
Stay DryStay CleanStay FreshStay Cool
Strategically designed surface inlet channels ensure instant absorption for extended wear, healthy skin and peace-of-mindEngineered with super absorbent materials and anatomically designed barriers to reduce the chance of leakage.Advanced odor control system and innovative core locks away wetness and odor for a confident, worry-free experience.Fully breathable backsheet promotes a cooler, more comfortable wearer experience while promoting skin health.
12 fluid ounces = 12 fluid ouncesExtended & Overnight Use = Extended & Overnight Use
Abena Abri-Form Size Chart

Product Video

Unassisted application procedure

Assisted application in a standing position

Applying procedure in a lying position

Size Chart

Small (S4)24" to 34"74 oz (2200 ml)
Medium (M4)28" to 43"122 oz (3600 ml)
Large (L4)39" to 60"135 oz (4000 ml)
X-Large (XL4)43" to 67"135 oz (4000 ml)

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