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Abena Abri-Let Anatomic Insert Pads


Absorbency Level
3 drops - Moderate Absorbency

• 8" x 17.33"

• 500 mL absorbency level.

• Fully breathable.

• Anatomic shape gives optimum comfort and makes the product easier to apply.

• Quick absorption: long fibers spread the liquid quickly and efficiently around the entire absorbent core.

• Can be sterilized, making it suitable for use after operations.

• Odor system: reduces the risk of unpleasant odours.

• Nordic Eco-label.

• Latex-free.

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Product Information

Abri-Let Anatomic is a multipurpose pad, which can be used in multiple problematic situations such as a maternity pad, pad for very light incontinence or pad for light fecal smearing. It can be sterilized, making it suitable for use after operation. It offers a high level of comfort, security and functionality due to the anatomic shape and the optimized core structure.

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