LL Medico offices will be on vacation from Nov 17th through Dec 3rd. All orders for reusable products (i.e. plastic pants, cloth diapers, etc.) placed after Nov 16th will not ship until Dec 3rd. Most disposable products and other items will ship on time. Thank you for your understanding!
Logically, you know that adult incontinence happens. You know that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Emotionally, however, you may have to deal with a few struggles. That’s okay. You don’t have to lose your confidence if you have to start wearing adult diapers. Below you’ll find a few tips to strengthen your own confidence. If you’re reading on behalf of someone you love, you can encourage your loved one to use some of these tips.
Adult diapers can be one of the trickier parts to navigate when you become a caregiver. Because many people find the topic of aging and caring for the elderly or disabled uncomfortable, there is a lack of open dialogue about adult diapers. This is why it can be difficult to get information on the different options out there. Knowing the difference between the types of adult diapers offered can make a huge difference in the comfort and self-confid
Buying adult diapers can be an overwhelming experience. Read this guide to learn about the different types of disposable diapers and how to choose the right one.
Top 6 overnight adult diapers for 2018 (tab style briefs)
Incontinence is defined as the inability to control urination. It is not a disease, but a condition with severe economical and psychological impact. Urinary incontinence may occur at any age and in any sex.