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Learning To Be a Caregiver for a Loved One: Helpful Product Recommendations

Learning To Be a Caregiver for a Loved One: Helpful Product Recommendations

Every year, an estimated 43.5 million adults in the U.S., about 60% of them women, act as caregivers in some way for a loved one. Becoming a caregiver for a loved one with life-changing illnesses can bring new situations each day. It is a demanding responsibility. Often, using the right equipment will allow a person to be less dependent or require less assistance from their caregiver.

We have personally hand-picked products that help solve caregiving challenges, both big and small. If the products we mention aren’t quite right for you, take a look around our website to see a full list of products and brands we offer.

Adult Diapers

When incontinence becomes an issue, it is no longer practical for that person to wear traditional underwear. Whether you are looking for adult diapers for heavy incontinence or light incontinence, LL Medico has the right product for you. We offer many different styles of adult diapers such as tab style briefs, pull-up disposable underwear, and belted undergarments. The top brands we feature are Depends, TENA, Abena, Prevail, and Wellness.

Plastic Pants

If you are experiencing leaks, you can either try a different diaper that has a better fit or more absorbency or you can wear a diaper cover such as plastic pants. These will help to contain leaks and keep you dry.

Bed or Chair Pads

For a person suffering from incontinence, bed or chair pads come in handy for covering beds, chairs, or even wheelchairs. They are highly absorbent; should an accident happen, they can protect furniture and bed coverings. If accidents are a problem, having some of these on hand, to limit the consequences, can be helpful for both the caregiver and the senior.

Gloves and Disposal Bags

Two important products to have on hand are gloves and disposal bags. This way, if you need to clean your loved one or clean up an accident, you can do so safely and efficiently. Gloves and bags should be on hand with the rest of your incontinence supplies.

Wipes and Skin Cleansers

Many people who suffer from incontinence also bear the additional burden of having their skin irritated. You can have gentle wipes for cleaning, along with skin cleansers and moisturizers made for delicate skin. These products should be stored in a cabinet that is easily accessible, with all the other incontinence supplies you need to have on hand.

Visit LL Medico for More Options

If you are a caregiver and are now having to deal with incontinence issues, this list will help you have the supplies you need on-hand. At LL Medico, we specialize in caregiving products such as incontinence supplies, disability aids, elderly care products, home supplies, and more. Our goal is to help make life easier for caregivers and care recipients. Our online catalog provides discrete protection that you will not find in a store. Be sure to check out our products at www.llmedico.com.

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