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Four Tips for Choosing the Right Disposable Adult Diaper

Four Tips for Choosing the Right Disposable Adult Diaper

Few people are comfortable discussing adult diapers or how to choose the right one. It can be an embarrassing subject for many people. However, if you or a loved one is incontinent, choosing the right adult diaper will make the difference between being miserable and being comfortable. If you are suffering from mild incontinence, your needs may be slightly different than a bedridden loved one. In the instance of mild incontinence, you may be able to use an insert pad coupled with incontinence pants for added protection. However, for people who are struggling with getting to the bathroom alone, can't control their bladder, or have fecal incontinence, then they will need an adult diaper to keep them from soiling their clothing or bedding and staying dry. The following are four tips for choosing the right adult diaper.


If you are only dealing with a mild incontinence issue, as mentioned earlier, you may be able to get away with an incontinence pad coupled with an incontinence pant. However, if your situation is more serious, you will want to choose an adult pull up. With adult pull up absorbent underwear, you can pull up the diaper like underwear. It is also more discreet than an adult brief. Moreover, these diapers will be able to absorb an additional amount of liquid from urinary incontinence compared to using pads alone. If you are dealing with complete bladder loss or fecal incontinence, you will need a more heavy duty absorbency that is found in an adult brief. There are varying degrees of adult briefs for light to maximum incontinence; some can hold up to a cup of liquid and others can hold up to 13 cups of liquid.


Another consideration for choosing the right adult diaper is selecting a proper diaper size. If you select an adult diaper that is too small, you will not have proper coverage. Conversely, if the diaper is too large, there will be gaps that result in leakage of urine or fecal materials onto clothing or bed linens. When selecting the right sized brief or pull up, you will need to identify your waist size. Once you know the waist size, then you can review the sizing charts of the different brands. Not all brands have the same waist size so make sure to check each products sizing.


The next tip to consider when choosing the right adult diaper is determining the right material. Some diapers have plastic backings. These diapers provide more protection from leakage. However, many people do not like how bulky these adult diapers feel and prefer a non-plastic backed diaper. These adult diapers are called breathable diapers. Obviously, these adult diapers allow more air to circulate and cause less frequent issues with rashes. Then again, these diapers are not as leak-resistant.


Lastly, when selecting an adult diaper, you must consider the cost. While the cost of the diaper should not be your first consideration, you should determine your budget before purchasing. The most expensive adult diaper does not mean it is the best diaper. You must consider the absorbency, size, material, and overall fit of the diaper before anything else. Once you've found a couple of adult diapers that will work for you, then you should review the cost of the products. In some instances, you can purchase these adult diapers in bulk and find cost savings through automatic delivery.

In Conclusion

While discussing adult diapers may not be anyone's favorite topic, it's important to know what to consider if you need to buy them. The main four tips for choosing the right adult diaper include absorbency, size, material, and cost of the product. If you need assistance in choosing the right adult diaper for yourself or a loved one, contact LL Medico Sales for assistance. We are an industry leader in incontinence supplies.

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