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Best Overnight Adult Diapers - 2018

Best Overnight Adult Diapers - 2018

TOP 6 OVERNIGHT ADULT DIAPERS for 2018 (tab style briefs)

6. Wellness Brief Superio Adult Diapers

Wellness Superio Adult Briefs

Designed to last 8 hours using NASA inspired multi layered InconTek® technology similar to designs used by astronauts in space for long missions. Absorbs more liquid than standard diapers, pulls it away from the skin and locks it in a separate layer to avoid skin irritation and/or infection. Easy to use changing system in which changes can be scheduled to once in eight hours/three in 24 hours to reduce exposure to the effects of urine and odor control. Ideal for overnight use, travel or any time the wearer needs to go long periods of time without changes.

5. Tranquility EliteCare Disposable Briefs

Tranquility EliteCare Briefs

These EliteCare briefs have a PowerSorb Micro-layer which increases absorbent capacity without adding extra bulk. This ultra-thin, ultra-dense, non-pulp retention layer draws the fluid in and retains it, not allowing fluid to be forced out even under pressure. Skin is kept dry, odor is reduced and fluid is pH neutralized inhibiting bacterial growth. The EliteCare brief features, cloth-like outer layer with micro-hook closure tabs, Kufguards® (inner leg cuffs) to channel fluids into the core, helping to contain high volume urge episodes and bowel incontinence and a dual wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue when moisture is present, thus eliminating unnecessary changes and reducing costs.

4. Seni Super Quatro Adult Briefs

Seni Super Quatro Adult Briefs

Seni Super Quatro Premium Quality briefs are excellent and reliable protection dedicated both for active people and those with limited mobility, in urinary and bowel incontinence.

3. MoliCare Premium Soft Breathable Slip Briefs, Super Plus

Molicare Slip Maxi Briefs

These highly absorbent briefs are a great solution for heavy overnight incontinence protection. An innovative three-layer core offers quick acquisition speed, secures fluid retention away from the skin and evenly distributes fluid throughout the core for superior dryness and protection from rewetting. These soft super-absorbent disposable adult briefs are highly absorbent for heavy urinary and fecal incontinence, and may be used for overnight wear. They are latex-free and constructed of hypoallergenic materials and soft, breathable, "Air Active" wings that improve skin dryness and reduce skin irritation. These quality adult diapers are anatomically designed with generous leg openings that allow for downsizing. MoliCare® Premium soft disposable adult diapers have a soft, cloth-like outer fabric for comfort and "rustle-free" discretion.

2. BetterDry 60x Adult Diapers w/ Plastic Backing
BetterDry Diapers

The BetterDry M10 and L10 cater to a wide range of incontinence needs.  They are fitting for heavy to very heavy incontinence and also provide someone with light incontinence the protection they are looking for.  They have odor protection and are latex free to ensure they are a fit for many individuals.  These high-quality adult briefs are discreet while providing you with protection in your every day life.

Tie for #1 (1a version has plastic backing while 1b has cloth-like backing)

1a. Abena Abri-Form Comfort Level 4 Adult Diapers w/ Plastic Backing
Abena Abri-Form M4 L4 Plastic Backing

1b. Abena Abri Form Level 4 Adult Diapers
Abena Abri Form Level 4 Adult Diapers

These soft and comfortable briefs are designed for heavy incontinence. These high-quality diapers for adults feature a unique Top Dry system that rapidly absorbs leaks while staying dry and comfortable against the skin. Reliable leakage barriers at the edges of the diaper, along with built-in cross barriers at the rear, provide optimal leakage protection for active wear. Equipped with flexible tape with micro-hooks, these adult diapers are easy to put on, take off, and adjust as needed. A plastic backing provides additional protection to prevent wet bedding and soiled laundry (only 1a).


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