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4 Ways to Build Confidence If You or Someone You Love Has to Wear Adult Diapers

4 Ways to Build Confidence If You or Someone You Love Has to Wear Adult Diapers

Logically, you know that adult incontinence happens. You know that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Emotionally, however, you may have to deal with a few struggles. That’s okay. You don’t have to lose your confidence if you have to start wearing adult diapers. Below you’ll find a few tips to strengthen your own confidence. If you’re reading on behalf of someone you love, you can encourage your loved one to use some of these tips.

Remember That It’s Not Just You

If you struggle with confidence because of a new need for adult diapers, try to remember that you’re not alone. Even better, see if you can talk to someone who deals with the same issues. More than half of senior adults deal with incontinence. Middle-aged women often struggle with incontinence, and women who have given birth often face the same struggle at any age. Some medications come with a loss of bladder control, which means that even some young adults have worn diapers. Many of these adults use diapers and similar products to gain more control over their lives.

Keep a Sense of Humor

A lot of people deal with negative situations by using humor. People joke about everything from inconvenience to grief, so why not joke about your own use of adult diapers? Adding levity to the situation can bolster your confidence because it puts you in control of the conversation. That said, if your loved one is the person wearing adult diapers, jokes can be perceived as cruel, so follow your loved one’s lead when it comes to the subject. If they’d rather not joke about adult diapers, you can always distract them with other sources of humor.

Don’t Call Them Adult Diapers

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing and talking about adult diapers. However, some people aren’t comfortable with the term, and that’s fine. Use whatever word or phrase makes you most comfortable. If you’re fine with talking about adult diapers, then go ahead and talk about adult diapers. If you’d prefer to say “underwear” or some other term, that’s okay too. The choice is yours. Once again, if your loved one is wearing adult diapers, take his or her lead on this one. Don’t avoid the word “diaper” unless your loved one does. Otherwise, he or she might interpret the phrasing as shame on your part, which will only encourage more shame for your loved one.

Find Your Fit

One of the best ways to maintain confidence in adult diapers is to make sure that you’re wearing the right fit and style. You have many different options in brand names, sizes, styles, and even colors. If you’re not quite sure which ones will work for you, try a few samples first to find the right fit. LL Medico gives you the option to choose up to three different samples in the same order.

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