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Adult Diapers: Tabs vs Pull-Ups & Why Knowing the Difference Is Important

Adult Diapers: Tabs vs Pull-Ups & Why Knowing the Difference Is Important

Adult diapers can be one of the trickier parts to navigate when you become a caregiver. Because many people find the topic of aging and caring for the elderly or disabled uncomfortable, there is a lack of open dialogue about adult diapers. This is why it can be difficult to get information on the different options out there. Knowing the difference between the types of adult diapers offered can make a huge difference in the comfort and self-confidence of your patient.

Tab Style Diapers

Tab-style diapers (commonly known as adult briefs) are designed very much like how you’d expect them to be: with re-fastenable tabs help pull the diaper on and off. These styles can come in a range of sizes and absorbency levels. The fit normally looks and feels like a pair of high-waisted briefs.

When to Use Tab Diapers

There are several common uses for these types of diapers. Many people use them at night since they are more secure and leakproof than pull-up styles. In general, tab-style diapers are also easier to change because they come off without having to remove shoes or pants. This can make them a better option for public places. It also makes them easier for the caretaker to put on and take off if their patient requires assistance changing their diapers. Tab-style diapers are usually thicker and more absorbent, so they may be better for patients with heavier incontinence.

Pull-Up Style Diapers

Pull-up style diapers are diapers that are pulled on like underwear. These are generally thinner and more discreet than tab diapers. This makes them better for lighter incontinence issues. If your patient is able to put on and remove their diapers themselves, pull-up style may be a good way to boost their confidence in place of tab-style diapers.

When to Use Pull-Up Style Diapers

Pull-up diapers are good for patients that can help with their own personal care or that have light to moderate incontinence issues. Pull-up style diapers are preferred by many adult patients because they feel like normal underwear and are generally less bulky than tab diapers. This makes them good for use during the day or while out of the house.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the difference between diaper styles, sizes, and brands can feel challenging. LLMedico.com carries several lines of each style of adult diapers. Check out our adult diapers page for our full selection and more information about each type of diaper.

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