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Adult Cloth Diapers

Our 100% cotton best adult cloth diapers have a variety of unique designs, as well as being super absorbent and genuine US-made by Gary®. Our incontinence diapers are designed for individuals with moderate to heavy urinary or bowel leakage. These reusable adult cloth diapers, when used with Gary® adult plastic pants, make the perfect combination for containment of urine and bowel leakage. Our adult diapers are made from a soft cotton terry or flannel cloth that comes in several shapes and sizes (the pull-on style diaper comes with a terry inlay). What they all share in common is that they are sewn from a 100% breathable, soft cotton flannel fabric. Cotton cloth permits your body to cool itself when heat builds up since fresh air can circulate freely and moisture can evaporate, eliminating the main causes of diaper rash, which is caused by the lack of air circulation. You will notice with each additional washing and drying that the diapers begin to fluff and quilt up. This is what gives the product the softness and even more absorbency providing the ideal protection against moderate to heavy incontinence. Please expect a 10% shrinkage of these cloth diapers after several washes. Our adult cloth diapers must be worn with plastic pants or PUL pants (to prevent leakage). The smallest sizes of our fitted cloth diapers are also suitable for older children suffering from incontinence.