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  • Adult Diapers & Pull-Ups
    Adult Diapers

    Adult Diapers

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    Whether caused by the steady progress of time or the sudden onset of an illness, the need for patients to transition to the use of adult diapers is a difficult one. If you or a loved one is in the process of making this transition, here at we're here to help and have the products that you need. We have been supplying high quality incontinence products, at the lowest price possible, to satisfied customers for more than two decades.

    Our caring staff is standing by to answer any questions that you might have via phone, live chat, or email regarding all of your options from making the correct sizing decisions to the correct products for your needs. There is absolutely no need to stress out about having to go out to the store and buy adult diapers when you can easily make your purchase with as little effort as a click of your mouse button. Once purchased, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your package to arrive in a few days flat with our fast and discreet home delivery. Our team at is fully versed in helping you make the right purchasing choice when life necessitates the transition to the use of incontinence products.

  • Adult Cloth Diapers
    Adult Cloth Diapers

    Adult Cloth Diapers

    Our 100% cotton best adult cloth diapers have a variety of unique designs, as well as being super absorbent and genuine US-made by Gary®. Our incontinence diapers are designed for individuals with moderate to heavy urinary or bowel leakage. These reusable adult cloth diapers, when used with Gary® adult plastic pants, make the perfect combination for containment of urine and bowel leakage. Our adult diapers are made from a soft cotton terry or flannel cloth that comes in several shapes and sizes (the pull-on style diaper comes with a terry inlay). What they all share in common is that they are sewn from a 100% breathable, soft cotton flannel fabric. Cotton cloth permits your body to cool itself when heat builds up since fresh air can circulate freely and moisture can evaporate, eliminating the main causes of diaper rash, which is caused by the lack of air circulation. You will notice with each additional washing and drying that the diapers begin to fluff and quilt up. This is what gives the product the softness and even more absorbency providing the ideal protection against moderate to heavy incontinence. Please expect a 10% shrinkage of these cloth diapers after several washes. Our adult cloth diapers must be worn with plastic pants or PUL pants (to prevent leakage). The smallest sizes of our fitted cloth diapers are also suitable for older children suffering from incontinence.

  • Plastic Pants
    Plastic Pants for Adults and Children

    Plastic Pants for Adults & Children

    Our high quality, American-made, plastic pants by Gary® are the perfect solution when used over adult cloth diapers or adult diapers, especially for heavy urination. There is no better incontinence protection than these waterproof vinyl plastic pants and panties. With their generous volume, they can be worn over thick disposable diapers or cloth diapers to contain any leaks or moisture, especially for incontinence sufferers with heavy night-time bed wetting.

    Our durable and soft waterproof vinyl plastic pants and panties are made for adults, as well as older children, with waterproof side seams that are heat welded for strength and hygiene (cheaper, thread sewn side seams will not hold up to tearing and can rip prematurely and leak). You can choose from various soft, special, medical-grade, non-toxic vinyls to ensure your needs are met with an exceptional fit, giving you excellent comfort and leak protection. The uniqueness and diversity of our incontinence products is enormous. They bring together an extensive adult to children collection of leak-proof plastic pants and panties, top quality latex-free incontinence products that are far superior to cheaper store bought brands, and with proper care will stand up to daily wear and repeated washing's. For your security from the problem with imported toxic plastic, all of our medical rated plastic incontinence pants are products proudly made in the U.S.A. by Gary®.

  • PUL Pants
    PUL Pants

    PUL Pants

    Waterproof PUL incontinence pants and briefs are a great alternative to plastic pants. PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) is a soft, quiet, and durable material that works great for extra protection over cloth or disposable adult diapers.

  • Incontinence Pants
    Adult Incontinence Pants

    Incontinence Pants

    Enjoy the piece of mind with our full line of incontinence pants for men and women for light incontinence protection. Whether you have urge or overflow incontinence, or just have a hard time getting to the bathroom in time, our incontinence products below will meet your needs. If you need help finding the right product, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Youth Diapers

    Wide selection of incontinence diapers in youth and teen sizes for children in between baby and adult diaper sizes. Great for petite adults as well!

  • Incontinence Swimwear
    Incontinence Swimwear

    Incontinence Swimwear Products

    Whether you're going swimming in the pool or the ocean, our line of incontinence swimwear products are the right solution for both bowel and urinary incontinence. Choose from a selection of reusable and disposable swim protection.

  • Booster & Insert Pads
    Incontinence Booster / Insert Pads

    Incontinence Pads

    Because the right choice of leak-proof incontinence pads is most important to you, the first consideration in product selection should be the ability of the pads to absorb the most urine protecting your skin and providing effective bladder control. All of our disposable or reusable incontinence pads are top brands that are not sold in stores. Men and women with special medical conditions should not have to suffer with drug store brands for incontinence protection along with the inconvenience and embarrassment of having to shop these stores. Our plastic backed disposable pads are well suited for the reusable Netti® line of incontinence pants. Our reusable flannel insert pads without plastic backing are well suited for our Gary® line of waterproof plastic pants or as booster for our adult diapers for the ultimate in bladder protection.

  • Bed Pads / Chux
    Bed Pads / Chux

    Disposable Bed / Chux Pads

  • Mattress Cover & Pillow Covers
    Mattress & Pillow Covers

    Waterproof Mattress Cover & Pillow Covers

    Our high quality, medical grade mattress cover and pillow covers are ideal for waterproof protection, allergy protection and bed bug protection. By covering your mattress and pillow with quality, waterproof, medical-grade vinyl, you will eliminate the chance of fluid entry and soiling to yor mattress, as well as being your best defense against dust, dust mites, allergens, and bed bugs. Our industrial strength waterproof plastic mattress cover is made in the USA by Gary Manufacturing and is far superior to store bought Asian-made brands which tear very easily. Our products are specially designed for institutional distribution and can last 10+ years with proper care. Our covers are used with great success in nursing homes, hospitals, hotels as well as by the military. Our waterproof plastic mattress covers are compact when folded, making them ideal to take on vacations or when visiting friends or family and can tolerate repeated washings. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. Our plastic Mattress covers are available in twin, twin xl, full, full xl, queen, california queen, king, and california king sizes in 8", 12", 14", and 16" depths with either elastic corners or a fully zippered enclosure. Pillow covers are available in standard, queen, and king sizes and are all zippered enclosures.

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