Incontinence Pads (Insert Pads & Booster Pads)

Because the right choice of leak-proof incontinence pads is most important to you, the first consideration in product selection should be the ability of the pads to absorb the most urine protecting your skin and providing effective bladder control. All of our disposable or reusable insert pads are top brands that are not sold in stores. Men and women with special medical conditions should not have to suffer with drug store brands for incontinence protection along with the inconvenience and embarrassment of having to shop these stores. Our plastic backed disposable pads are well suited for the reusable Netti® line of incontinence pants. Our reusable flannel insert pads without plastic backing are well suited for our Gary® line of waterproof plastic pants or as a booster for our adult diapers for the ultimate in bladder protection.

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