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Netti® Combi-Aqua™ Incontinence Swimwear

Leak-proof, PUL fabric inner pants together with the outer stretch pants are designed to hold incontinence pads firmly in place. Designed for both men and women.

Netti                       LL Medico Made in Denmark

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Offering an inventive, alternative to leaky swim diapers, Netti® Combi-Aqua™ is a truly unique, leak-proof adult incontinence, aquatic swimwear system. It boasts an innovative combination of a waterproof fixation inner swim pant made from waterproof Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) fabric along with a tight, extremely elastic outer stretch pant. To make sure the fit is right, please choose the correct size (leg and waist openings) and that the swim pants are used as described (meant only for pads). This is important for those who must keep dry due to health or medical related conditions in the crotch area.

The waterproof inner fixation pants, made from PUL fabric, together with the outer stretch pants, are meant to hold incontinence pads firmly in place. The inner PUL pants unique and patented, leak-proof waist and leg bands are designed  to keep swimming pool water out of the pants and bodily fluids in, Netti® Combi-Aqua™ gives you that extra security, enabling you to live your active lifestyle.

Netti® Combi-Aqua™ swimwear has been recommended for ostomy patients and for incontinence sufferers as well, who wish to enjoy the swimming pool without the problems of urinary leakage that occur when using regular incontinence swim diapers. Aquatic rehab swim activities are of physical and mental benefit to the handicapped.

How to put on the Combi-Aqua for best results:

  1. Make sure your skin is completely dry and free of any moisturizers/ointments.
  2. Put on the inner waterproof pant, making sure that the sticky elastic is secure to your skin completely around the waist and legs.
  3. Now put the outer stretch pants on over the inner pant. 
  4. Gently role up the outer pant legs so they snugly overlay and compress the waterproof leg bands of the inner pants. This will also conceal the pants under shorter swimsuits (especially women's).
  5. If done as prescribed you will have a swimsuit that is designed to hold liquid from both coming in and going out.
  6. Note: While in the water, try not to break the seal of the leg bands or waist band by rearranging as this will cause liquids to rush in and/or escape.


Important Note: It is important to read the size chart, and then take your time to measure yourself before ordering this product. You will have leakage if waist and leg openings are not correct. To keep the PUL fabric waterproof, please read the usage and washing instructions.     

Note: By making lateral moves while sitting down in a tub, the waist and leg bands can dislodge due to these movements thereby compromising its waterproof nature. These incontinence swim pants were not designed to be waterproof under these conditions. Do not rearrange the waist and leg bands on the pants with your fingers while in the water.

Note: This product MUST be used with both the inner and outer pants together as a system; the two cannot be used individually or it will defeat the purpose. This waterproof swim pants system does NOT have a built-in pad.

(unstretched - max. stretched)
(unstretched - max. stretched)
(yellow stitch)
21" (53 cm) - 30" (76 cm)
Best fit:  26" waist
14" (36 cm) - 19" (48 cm)
Best fit:  17" thigh 
(blue stitch)
25" (64 cm) - 31" (79 cm)
Best fit:  28" waist 
16" (41 cm) - 22" (56 cm)
Best fit:  19" thigh  
(brown stitch)
26" (66 cm) - 34" (86 cm)
Best fit:  30" waist 
17" (43 cm) - 23" (58 cm)
Best fit:  20" thigh  
(green stitch)
27" (69 cm) - 35" (89 cm)
Best fit:  32" waist  
18" (46 cm) - 24" (61 cm)
Best fit:  21" thigh  
(black stitch) 
29" (74 cm) - 37" (94 cm)
Best fit:  34" waist  
20" (51 cm) - 26" (66 cm)
Best fit:  23" thigh  
The only difference between men's and women's styles is the amount of room in the crotch area. The men's style has extra room.

               Measuring Your Pants Size

Note: Please adhere to the measurements on the page of the product you wish to purchase, as the sizes of different products may not correspond (e.g., Large Gentleman pant does not correspond to a Large Pull-on plastic pant.

Measuring Instructions
Waist Measure by wrapping a tape measure around your torso where you expect the waistband of the pants to be when wearing them. For the best fit, your actual waist size should be near the middle between Unstretched and Maximum Stretched; for example, a 36 inch waist falls roughly in the middle between 26 and 46 inches.
Leg Measure your thigh circumference (i.e., distance around) at the groin where your thigh meets your pelvis. For the best fit, your actual leg size should be near the middle between Unstretched and Maximum Stretched; for example, a 22 inch leg size falls roughly in the middle between 18 and 26 inches.


Note: The inner fixation pant determine your Size, the outer stretchable pant does not. 


Inner Fixation Pant (waterproof)

Made from 100% polyurethane. The outside is coated (layered) with 100% polyester. Elastic is made from polyamide.

Outer Stretch Pant (not waterproof)

Made from 80% tactile microfiber, 20% Lycra.


Washing Instructions

incontinence swim pants washing instructions

Inner Fixation Pant (waterproof)

Machine wash at 203° F (95° C). Use delicate cycle. You must wash the pant after each swim; all chlorine and salt must be removed to ensure the pant stays waterproof. Do NOT bleach or iron. Air drying of the pants is advised, if tumble dry use low temperature sitting.

Outer Stretch Pant (not waterproof)

Machine wash at 140° F (60° C). Use delicate cycle, or gentle hand wash. You must wash the pant after each swim; all chlorine and salt must be removed to ensure the pant stays stretchable. Do NOT bleach or iron. Air drying of the pants is advised, if tumble dry use low temperature sitting.

Note: You are buying a proven quality incontinence product. Therefore avoid the use of harsh chemicals when washing the aqua pants. Chemicals such as those contained in bleach and fabric softeners will decrease your swim pants effectiveness, durability and waterproofness. Also, for longevity of the aquatic swim pants and to ensure they stay waterproof, it is important to wash after each swim in the swimming pool or in salt water to remove chlorine, salt, soil, and urine. Do not use bleach. Do not iron. A very short period of drying time in low heat will extend the life of the garment. LL Medico will not guarantee any garment that is not washed and dried as directed.

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