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Gary® Adult Butterfly Style Cloth Diapers

High-quality adult cloth diapers in butterfly style.

Gary                              LL Medico Made in USA

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Gary® quality adult butterfly diapers are a departure from the ordinary disposable adult diapers which can leak or cause discomfort after only a few hours of continued use. Our butterfly-styled incontinence diaper has an absorbent, comfortable, six-layer center soaker where it is needed the most, without the bulk at your hips. This diaper is also double-stitch sewn from top grade flannel cloth.

With a unique butterfly design and different widths in the back and front, this diaper will give you support with a comfortable fit when used with a adult plastic pants. Giving you maximum absorbency and protection, this combination adult plastic pants and cloth diapers will keep you more dry and comfortable for longer periods of time than with leaky disposable adult diapers.

For those of you allergic to the chemicals in paper pulp used in the making of a disposable adult diapers, 100% natural cotton cloth is the perfect solution. After a few washes (mandatory before first time use), this adult diaper will begin to fluff and quilt up, improving the diaper's absorbency even more, at the same time retaining softness wash after wash. For overnight bladder or bowel protection, our cloth adult diapers are the right choice. Since flannel cloth is considered the softest material to touch, it is comfortable to your skin, helping alleviate problems with rash and skin irritation.

This Incontinence diaper is well suited for older children as well.

Note: Diaper pins and plastic pants are required.

23" (58 cm)23" (58 cm)13" (33 cm)$28.99
26" (66 cm)26" (66 cm)16" (41 cm)$32.99
30" (76 cm)30" (76 cm)20" (51 cm)$35.99
34" (86 cm)34" (86 cm)24" (61 cm)$38.99
38" (97 cm)38" (97 cm)28" (71 cm)$41.99
Shrinkage of 1/2" in width and 2" in length may occur after washing (in accordance with the handling instructions).

Determining which size fits you:

1.First, measure your waist.  Add 12" (30.5 cm) to this measurement.  Divide this number (waist size + 12) by 2.  This is the minimum width you would need (the width is first number in the dimensions above).  Choose the size with the next highest width.
2.Second, measure the length (through the crotch) from belt to belt.  Add 3" (7.6 cm) to this measurement.  This is the minimum length you would need.  Choose the size with the next highest length
 For example:  Your waist is 40"  and the measurement from belt to belt (through the crotch) is 30".

Width:  (40+12) / 2 = 26"
Length: 30+3 = 33"

Therefore, you would need a minimum of an large.


  • 100% cotton.

How To Care For Your Reusable Cloth Diapers:

Machine washable in warm to hot water.  Use half the recommended amount of mild, fragrance/dye/bleach free, all-purpose laundry detergent.  Add 1/2 cup baking soda.  

Rinse diapers twice, adding 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar during the first rinse only.  

Air dry or machine dry on regular cycle.


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