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Netti® Comfort™ Youth Incontinence Stretch Pants

4-Way stretchable Netti® Comfort™ pants are not made with waterproof barrier in the crotch area. This stretch pant is designed for holding diapers or pads with waterproof backing firmly in place. Designed for both men and women.

Netti                       LL Medico Made in Denmark

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Netti® Comfort™ is our light-weight, circular-knitted, highly stretchable and breathable, seamless incontinence fixation pants. It is a stretch pant that is designed for both men and women and is the latest concept in stretchable slim wear pants or panties. A new body wrap stretch pant designed to be very close fitting, with its seamless, knit-in, soft, stretchy, self-adjusting waist and leg bands that help you bend and stretch with ease, avoiding skin marks, chafing, and binding for outstanding comfort.

This stretch pant design is ideally suited to keep the shaped diaper pads or maternity napkins in place. Comfort™ stretch pants boast great support to keep disposable adult diapers from sagging and avoiding embarrassing side leakages, as well as bunching and "swooshing" sounds, and the crinkly noise associated with disposable adult diapers. Netti® Comfort™ will give the incontinent person much deserved security, fit, and freedom of movement. This product is the perfect companion for stretching and work outs, giving confidence to those with incontinence.

No other product on the market is as stretchable as our Netti® Comfort™ body wrap incontinence pant. It is made from special, durable fabrics, and due to its high elasticity, the pant is easy to fixate following the contours of the body, allowing outstanding fixation of both legs and waist. For ultimate fixation, the Comfort™ stretch pant has two different woven techniques. The "ruffled" and somewhat thicker fabric gives high support while the smooth non-pocketed fabric in the crotch area allows the absorbent pad to expand when soaking up liquid all while keeping it securely in place. The 4-way Netti® Comfort™ stretch pant is free from seams on the sides as well as the back and front of the pant (seams can cause extra pressure on the skin).

The Comfort™ stretch pant is an all new European design and superior manufacturing technique with all the important features needed to hold adult disposable diapers or pads in place in a very comfortable and secure way. This stretch pant will outlast any other similar design.

(unstretched - max. stretched)
(unstretched - max. stretched)
Small20" (51 cm) - 26" (61 cm)15" (38 cm) - 18" (46 cm)$29.99
Medium22" (56 cm) - 28" (71 cm)16" (41 cm) - 19" (48 cm)$29.99
Large24" (61 cm) - 30" (76 cm)17" (43 cm) - 20" (51 cm)$29.99
X-Large26" (66 cm) - 36" (81 cm)18" (46 cm) - 21" (53 cm)$29.99
2X-Large28" (71 cm) - 34" (86 cm)19" (48 cm) - 22" (56 cm)$29.99

               Measuring Your Pants Size

Note: Please adhere to the measurements on the page of the product you wish to purchase, as the sizes of different products may not correspond (e.g., Large Gentleman pant does not correspond to a Large Pull-on plastic pant.

Measuring Instructions
Waist Measure by wrapping a tape measure around your torso where you expect the waistband of the pants to be when wearing them. For the best fit, your actual waist size should be near the middle between Unstretched and Maximum Stretched; for example, a 36 inch waist falls roughly in the middle between 26 and 46 inches.
Leg Measure your thigh circumference (i.e., distance around) at the groin where your thigh meets your pelvis. For the best fit, your actual leg size should be near the middle between Unstretched and Maximum Stretched; for example, a 22 inch leg size falls roughly in the middle between 18 and 26 inches.


  • 98% Cotton
  • 2% Lycra
  • Latex Free

How to care for your Incontinence pants:

It is best to wash cotton Incontinence pants in hot water for hygienic reasons, but do not use bleach and fabric softener. Tumble dry at low temperatures or air-dry on a clothes line (this will preserve elastic bands). Taking care of your incontinence pants will add years of use.

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