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Gary® Pull-On High-Back Extended Waist Line Plastic Pants

Pull-On waterproof vinyl/plastic adult incontinence pants with a high-back.

Gary                              LL Medico Made in USA

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High-Back was designed by Gary® to give you excellent protection with a uniquely high, extended waist. These waterproof plastic incontinence pants are an ideal fit, with their 3 inch higher waist for that extra support. This higher waist vinyl plastic pant gives you better all-around coverage when worn over an adult cloth diaper as well as a disposable adult diapers.By tucking the excess material of the plastic pant over the top of the diaper to the inside of the diaper all the way around waist, you will ensure added protection against leaks, helping to solve the problem of wetness at the waist.

Our High-Back adult plastic pants are quiet, soft, waterproof, and eliminate embarrassing crinkling sounds, solving a difficult problem by being rustle-free. Our High-Back plastic pant gives the incontinence sufferer that extra waterproof overnight protection, moreso than our regular adult pull-on plastic pants. The extra high waist ensures you get full covering, especially with our extra thick cloth adult diapers. This style of plastic pant provides an excellent leak-proof fit with its wider crotch area to accommodate large adult incontinence diapers, and forward facing leg openings for extra comfort. This product ensures daytime, leak-free protection and comfort not found in most other incontinence products, especially when used with cloth adult diapers.

Manufactured from special medical grade vinyl plastic with heat-welded, waterproof side seams and elasticized waist and legs for comfort, this pant ensures flexibility and softness as well as increased hygiene. You will find this product well suited for nighttime bedwetting as well as daytime use. High-Back waterproof, adult, pull-on plastic pants have been extremely successful in retirement homes.

For more information on the look and feel of our various vinyls, please visit our color swatches page.

(unstretched - max. stretched)
(unstretched - max. stretched)
Small22" (56 cm) - 40" (102 cm)16" (41 cm) - 23" (58 cm)11" (28 cm)12" (31 cm)$16.99
Medium24" (61 cm) - 44" (112 cm)17" (43 cm) - 25" (64 cm)12" (31 cm)13" (33 cm)$17.99
Large26" (66cm) - 48" (122 cm)18" (46 cm) - 27" (69 cm)12" (31 cm)14" (36 cm)$18.99
X-Large28" (71 cm) - 52" (132 cm)19" (48 cm) - 28" (71 cm)14" (36 cm)15" (38 cm)$19.99
2X-Large30" (76 cm) - 56" (142 cm)20" (51 cm) - 28" (71 cm)15" (38 cm)16" (41 cm)$20.99
3X-Large32" (81 cm) - 60" (152 cm)21" (53 cm) - 30" (76 cm)17" (43 cm)17" (43 cm)$21.99
4X-Large34" (86 cm) - 64" (163 cm)22" (56 cm) - 32" (81 cm)18" (46 cm)18" (46 cm)$22.99

               Measuring Your Pants Size

Note: Please adhere to the measurements on the page of the product you wish to purchase, as the sizes of different products may not correspond (e.g., Large Gentleman pant does not correspond to a Large Pull-on plastic pant.

Measuring Instructions
Waist Measure by wrapping a tape measure around your torso where you expect the waistband of the pants to be when wearing them. For the best fit, your actual waist size should be near the middle between Unstretched and Maximum Stretched; for example, a 36 inch waist falls roughly in the middle between 26 and 46 inches.
Leg Measure your thigh circumference (i.e., distance around) at the groin where your thigh meets your pelvis. For the best fit, your actual leg size should be near the middle between Unstretched and Maximum Stretched; for example, a 22 inch leg size falls roughly in the middle between 18 and 26 inches.


How to care for your vinyl, plastic or PVC pants:

You can prevent your plastic pants from aging prematurely if you rinse or wash the plastic pants after each use. Urine and Fecal matters has strong acids which will harden the plastic, and so will products containing petroleum. The, plastic vinyl should have minimum contact with your body's natural oil and sweat as well as care products such as lotions, oils, creams, ointments, and skin sprays which will also harden plastic. Never use chlorine bleach or fabric softeners to remove stains. Rather, insert pant into warm water with a mild detergent. Never put in dryer as this may cause the plastic material to melt. Instead, hang the pant to dry. Keep out of direct sunlight if possible. For further information go to LL Medico’s incontinence product care page.


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